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Home Parties

Our home party menus and list of finger food will ensure you can entertain your guests with delicious food, prepared hassle-free. All items come packaged separately in serving trays or foil trays in which you can warm up the items. We also cater for speciality cakes to end your party on a sweet note.

Pies, Pizzas and Other Frozen Goods

Our range of frozen deep-dish pizzas, pies, doughs, party food and other goods are perfect for on-the-go cooking. Our foods feel homemade but take all the hassle out of preparation. Whether it's after a busy day of work or for a truly relaxing day out on the boat, our frozen food range is perfect for comfort food prepared comfortably. We also offer pre-cooked service, whereby we will bake the goods and you would only need to re-heat prior to eating


Our selection of pastries feature traditional Maltese pastries as well pastries from French and Italian cuisines. Our contemporary pastries made with high end ingredients and are freshly prepared for your enjoyment. Our Buccellata Ring is a client- favourite delicacy, made with figs, pistachios and almonds.

Cakes and Gateaux

Our selection of cakes and gateaus are perfect to celebrate any occasion or if you're simply in the mood for cake! From classics such as Tiramisu, Casatella and Lemon Cheesecake, to our Lindt Cake or Baileys Gateaux, we have something for everyone.

Ice Cream & Torta Gelato

The traditional Maltese ice-cream 'tat-tiegijiet' is our best-seller, however we have a wide range of Gelato to choose from. Our ice-cream cake, Torta Gelato , is the perfect dessert on a hot summer evening.

3D Cakes

There is no better way to celebrate a special day or special someone than with a custom 3D cake. We have a range of cakes to choose from, however you can request a quote for a custom cake tailored to your needs.

Corporate Lunches Menus

Whether you want to impress a new client or treat your staff to a delicious lunch, we can cater for your specifications and provide delivery or waiter service as required.

Restaurant or cafe supplier

Contact us now to stock our range of delicious desserts, cakes and pastries for your restaurant or cafe.

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